I know that a scroll saw does not have a tough image. But wait until you see what you can do with it! On this website I show you how you can make wooden toy cars with the aid of a relatively cheap scrollsaw and without complicated tools. The designs are on scale 1:18 so that you can create detailed model cars with your own additions! My personal interest in cars, design, wood and toys led to the founding of MyWayToyDesign.com.

Download FREE Plans

My scroll saw plans are free and they stay that way. Of course, a small donation is more than welcome. You can donate with Paypal.



Step-by-step Instruction

On the page Step-by-step Instruction you will find an extensive building report of the Horsepower GT (inspired by a Ford Mustang GT) with lots of pictures and explanations. Download the construction drawings or one of my other designs for free!



In the gallery you will find a collection of photos of finished models, work in progress and not yet completed projects. Of course, there is also a place reserved for your work here!




You can contact me here for all your questions and comments.