Modular City


Download the .pdf files and print them. Make shure your printer is set to: Print to actual size. Otherwise the dimensions are not correct en the pieces will not fit.

Use 9mm birch (ply)wood. If you like to use a different thickness, please use the picture below to calculate the size of the slots. Be aware the distance between the center of the slots should always be 11cm or 22cm. I marked this as “X”. The width of the slots marked as “Q” is variable (Q = thickness wood + 1mm). The pieces will fit easy. My modular buildings plans are calculated for 9mm (ply)wood.

Lay the wood with masking tape/ painters tape. Spray the back of the printed plans with glue and stick it on the masking tape.

Drill holes in the windows. The hole must be wide enough to fit your sawblade.

Safety first! When sawing, ensure good eye protection. Use the screen on the scroll saw or a pair of dustgoggles. I also use hearingprotection and a mouth cover.

Cut the pieces on the scroll saw. Take your time, it will improve the results and a lot less sanding needs to be done.

Remove the tape.

Sand the pieces smooth and clean the dust. (use a dustmask!)

For a clean and natural look, mineral oil is safe to use on toys and nice to work with.

Have fun!