This beautiful classic Citroen DS only consists of a few parts and is therefore very easy to make.

What do you need?

  • Scroll saw. An entry-level model is fine.  Make sure you buy a scroll saw that has the saws easily available.
  • Wood. I use 12mm wood. This is easy to obtain at the local hardware store and also available in smaller sizes.
  • Eye and hearing protection.
  • Sandpaper. Available everywhere and inexpensive. Make sure you have a good stock, you will need it!
  • Printer paper. For printing the plans.
  • Masking tape. Wide strips
  • Cordless drill. For drilling the holes for the axles.
  • Wood glue. White sticky paste. Bison is always good.
  • Linseed oil. By treating wood with linseed oil the wood is protected against weather influences and dehydration and rotting is prevented.
  • Paintbrush. For applying or distributing the glue and linseed oil.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue spray.

Download the .pdf file and print it.

Cut the parts apart.

Saw the required pieces of wood (12mm) to size.

Lay the wood with masking tape.

Spray the back of the paper with glue and stick it on the masking tape.

Use a drill with a thickness of 7mm for the axle holes at the front of the car.

The axle hole at the front may be fully drilled through. For models with 4 wheels you can drill the axle hole at the rear of the car the same way and skip the next two steps!

Use a 6mm drill bit for the axle holes at the rear of the car. These may not be drilled deeper than 5mm!

A piece of masking tape at 5 mm from the drill clearly shows how deep the drill goes.

Also drill a hole on the spot of the window. Make sure it is big enough so that your saw fits through.

When sawing, ensure good eye protection. Use the screen on the scroll saw or a pair of goggles. I also use hearing protection and a mouth cover.




Pull the paper and tape away from the wood.

Make two axles (6mm thick) of 20mm and 60mm long.

Sand the parts smoothly. I use 150 grit sandpaper. The wheels are purchased and are 33mm and 10mm thick.

Time to glue.

A small amount of glue is enough for the small rear axle.

Tap the axle into the hole with a small hammer.

Mark the spot with a pen or pencil where you do not want to have glue.

Let the glue dry briefly and clamp the parts together well.

Always check that the parts do not slide through the glue.

Remove the excess glue.

Put the wheel on the axle and see if it has enough space before you glue the other part!

Firmly clamping and checking for sliding.

Fit front wheels (without glue)

Clearly a DS.

Apply boiled linseed oil or other oil with a cloth or brush. Rinse the cloths well after use to prevent fire hazard!

Let the car dry for a day and then mount the front wheels.